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The "Nagele" Hof

The ancestral farm “Nagelehof”, comprising 20 hectares of agricultural green and an elevated number of good South Tyrolean milk cows, is run entirely by Andreas Stafler.

The farmer, married since 2008, also manages the family’s own teleheating system, the electricity system and all other technical systems of the Stafler’s.

If you would like to watch the milking process or find out where much of Stafler’s fresh produce comes from, then simply accompany Andreas on his tour through the Nagelehof!

At the moment, in the cowshed there are about 85 free-roaming milk cows that are milked twice a day, at an interval of 12 hours. Every cow produces an average of 32 litres per head and per day.
The fodder of the animals is strictly GMO free, a rule which is also imposed by the dairy plant “Milchhof Sterzing”.
The fodder only contains hay, chaff, silo maize, silo grass and concentrated feedstuff.

Andreas has three different breeds of cows on his farm: Most of them belong to the breed black-pied Holsteiner (85%), then there is the Tyrolean Brown Cattle (10%) and finally the red-pied Holsteiner (5%).

In the summer - from June to September - all the young females (60-80 animals) are transferred to the high alpine pasture “Planer Alm” where they can enjoy unspoilt nature and an enviable climate.