Family Stafler

Here is where you can work up a proper sweat... at the Wellness-hotel Stafler.

… and where you can cool down afterwards! Find the best spa hotel near Vipiteno

It´s all about the pool, the sauna, the spa, the gym

By combining crystal-clear waters from the nearby mountains with precious oils and essences in the Finnish sauna and steam room, we found the formula for your ideal relaxation in the sauna and steam room. All you have to do, is breathe deeply, exhale and let all the stress and hectic go. In the infrared-cabin blissful warmth helps to loosen tightened muscles after a day full of hiking, skiing or discovering Vipiteno, before you take a seat at your table for a delicious dinner. Sounds like a plan? It definitely does.

Opening hours: 1.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.


Opening hours: 3.00 to 8.00 p.m.


The Finnish sauna: feel the heat at 85° Celsius

Experience a session in the Finnish sauna and strengthen you immune-system. In the all-natural and wooden sauna the heat opens your pores and helps your body to detoxify and purify, while boosting your circulatory organs. The precious essences used in the Finnish sauna affect your lungs and bronchial tubes, so can breathe deeply again.  

The infrared-cabine at the “Romantica”-spa

If you like soft and gentle treatments, you will find your perfect spot in the infra-red cabin. The cabin´s technology tenderly and efficiently warms your whole body, enhances your blood circulation and metabolism. The warmth gets through deeply within your muscles and gives you a sense of deep relaxation, along with a selected light- and aroma-therapy.  

The Steam room – 45°salt water-steam and selected oils

The secret of the steam room is the unique salt-water-sole we are using. Mixed with selected oils the steam supports the detoxing and purifying effects in your body and helps to boost the immune-system. Maybe you would like to try some of our home-made peeling with only the best South Tyrolean ingredients? For your exceptionally soft skin.