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Dolfi Land

Produced in Val Gardena since 120 years - appreciated worldwide!
The company celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2012, proving that the art of wood carving can hold its own even in the era of glass fiber and plastic and that it can rely on its fans even in the future.
Wood is probably the oldest material known to man. Perhaps this is why we love to surround ourselves with products made of wood and why we feel such a strong bond with this warm, natural product, whose individuality renders each product in a unique way. We live in a cookie-cutter society, where each product is duplicated a million times over at the expense of individuality, where everything is measured in terms of speed and efficiency.

Dolfi Land was created in 2007 and it is the first and only theme park dedicated to wood carving.
The park is crafted with attention to the smallest detail, decorated according to the season. Wood connoisseurs will find a vast assortment of thousands of sculptures and other products, selected from a range of over 60,000 products which have been developed during the course of Dolfi’s 120-year history.
Make the most of your stay in Val Gardena and come visit us at Dolfi Land. Our forty staff members will give you a tour of the company museum, show you our Outlet or pamper you with a fresh beverage on the terrace of our Dolfi Lounge. There are large outdoor and indoor areas for children to play in.
You can park your vehicle right at the entrance, in our large 3,000-meter parking lot, which can accommodate even buses.