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Special treatments

Our special treatments will soothe and help

“Only in rest man can work.” (Francesco Petrarca)

Special massages
Fibrous adhesions of the connective tissue in your back can be a frequent cause of various problems in this area. This special massage technique, in which honey deeply penetrates your connective tissue, relieves these adhesions, encouraging the removal of cellular waste to purify your body. Blood circulation in your tissue and muscles improves, helping revive your back. Then, the full body massage, performed using honey oil infused with propolis, intensifies the detox effect, delicately protecting your skin.
This massage is performed using the best tried and tested techniques. It is the ideal massage to restore strength and vitality, reduce stress and prevent burn-out. Beginning with your back, shoulders and neck, the massage therapist then focuses on the main body joints and certain specific areas where tension tends to build up in your body and face, before strengthening the back and soothing the joints, stimulating a deep sleep.
This special massage is based on the synergy of traditional Ayurveda techniques and the use of oils extracted from local herbs. The hot oil massage relaxes and rejuvenates your body, revitalising your immune system and smoothing your skin. The mix of high-quality hemp, apricot, sunflower seed and wheat germ oils, rich in vitamins A, B and E, oligo-elements, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids is massaged deeply into your skin with stimulating, rhythmic movements for the full beneficial effect on your health.
The body’s pressure points are also stimulated, with immediate improvements for your energy level.
This special ritual with warm volcanic rocks and cool crystals conveys new vital energy to the body. The delicate touch of the warm rocks, contrasting with the cool sensation of the crystals, deeply relaxes the body and mind.
This light, energetic massage along your spinal column delicately relaxes your back to relieve tension whilst reviving the intervertebral discs subject to pressure and relaxing the surrounding muscles.
This is an intensive treatment for stiff backs. The warm roller, scented with local herbs, is applied using the Kneipp technique to warm your muscles in preparation for the massage. The cupping therapy, combined with a deep back massage, relieves muscular tension and revives the back. The herbal ointment, made with common houseleek, St. John’s wort, hops and plantain, relaxes your muscles with a long-lasting effect.
Tibetan prayer bells help relieve tension and improve your perception of your body. For thousands of years, they have been the traditional way of relieving pain caused by stress, treating tension and stimulating self-healing. Tibetan bells are placed and played on your clothed body. The vibrations resound in your body and help you achieve a deep state of relaxation.
We treat the areas of the body where we find cellulite with a special massage with fluorite to improve blood flow, which is compromised where there is cellulite. When your circulation is improved, more oxygen is carried to the cells and waste is eliminated from the tissue. The active body wrap with algae, elder, cornflower and achillea stimulates cellular metabolism, helping to break down fats. The subsequent massage with Silhouette body lotion, made with ivy and bearberry, anti-oxidises and tones your connective tissue.
Lymph stimulating full-body massage
Through drainages the lymph are stimulated to drain away any surplus liquids in the tissues. This treatment is highly effective on water accumulations or swellings.
Foot zones stimulating massage with back treatment with fango
The foot massage is a part of a wholesome approach, where reflex points at the feet are pressured with a special technique to unblock the flow of energy through the body. This may positively affect organs and individual body parts.