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Sauna oasis


Crystal-clear mountain spring water from the southern Zillertal Alps, healing vapours and essential oils originating from the unspoiled nature in our surroundings. Whether you decide to relax in our infrared cabin, in our Finnish sauna or in the salt steam bath with herbal essences: you will feel the efficiency of these treatments of our 4-star hotel through and through!
The sauna area is open from 3 pm to 8 pm every day.

Finnish sauna: sweat therapy at 85° Celsius

Do some good to your immune system: our Finnish sauna - made from local, untreated wood – opens your pores, stimulates perspiration, flushes toxins and therefore cleanses the skin of the entire body. At the same time it gives a boost to your blood circulation. If you also profit from the blasts of steam with natural essential oils, you will feel the major positive influence on your respiratory organs and on your immune system.

Sterzing Südtirol Sauna Wellness und Romantikhotel Stafler

Our infrared cabin “Romantica”

If you prefer some gentler treatments and moderate heat, this is where you should go: the infrared cabin heats the body in a delicate but efficient way, thus activating your blood circulation, metabolism and cardiovascular performance. In combination with coloured lights and aroma therapy, this kind of deep warming of your core will make you feel good all around. Our infrared cabin is open from 9am to 8 pm every day.

Salt steam bath with herbal essences
: a steam bath at 45° Celsius

In our steam bath we only use the finest sea salts, mixing herbal essences into the solution. This improves the cleansing and healing effect on your respiratory organs as well as the efficiency of your immune system.