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Wedding anniversaries

Celebrate your wedding anniversary in the stylish ambience of the Romantik Hotel Stafler so you can spend this special day with your friends indulging in the epicurean joys of our award-winning gourmet restaurant.

The traditional premises, the ambience full of style and the many awards won by our master chef Peter Girtler (Michelin star, Gault-Millau toques) all contribute to the fact that we are now listed among the most renowned gourmet hotels in South Tyrol with an excellent ratio between the price and what you get.

There is also the nearby medieval town of Vipiteno, only 10 minutes away by car, where you can browse through the elegant shops or enjoy a cappuccino in one of the many lively portico cafés.

The custom of celebrating wedding anniversaries goes back to the early Middle Ages. The couples used to reconfirm their vows in church and then continue with a celebration among friends and family. These wedding anniversaries have special names and traditions that differ from country to country.

Here is a list of the names of the wedding anniversaries general in the UK

Actual wedding white wedding
1st year paper
2nd year cotton
3rd year leather
4th year books
5th year woods
6th year iron
7th year wool
8th year bronze
9th year copper
10th year tin
11th year steel
12th year silk
13th year lace
14th year ivory
15th year crystal
20th year china
25th year silver
30th year pearl
35th year coral
40th year ruby
45th year sapphire
50th year gold
55th year emerald
60th year diamond
65th year blue sapphire
70th year platinum
75th year diamond and gold
80th year oak

In accordance with your wedding anniversary our award-winning chef will create a matching gourmet menu of any price category. Whiter-than-white table linen and exclusive flower arrangements will give a finishing touch to the festive atmosphere of your wedding anniversary.