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Culinary highlights of your wedding

The traditional premises, the ambience full of style and the many awards won by our master chef Peter Girtler (Michelin star, Gault-Millau toques) all contribute to the fact that we are now listed among the most renowned gourmet hotels in South Tyrol.


The many times award-winning master chef Peter Girtler will arrange the perfect wedding menu or buffet, respecting all your personal wishes.

Wedding buffets:
No problem at all if you prefer a wedding buffet: Our kitchen team guided by award-winning chef Peter Girtler prepares outstanding, exquisite wedding buffets according to your personal wishes. We can make some suggestions to help you.

Wedding cake:
Create your own dream wedding cake!
Let your imagination run free and design your own wedding cake in collaboration with our partner cake shop Be it a four-tiered cake or the traditional „wedding book“ – there are no limits to your fantasy

Midnight snack:
When it is getting really late, we will offer you and your guests a small snack so that you can continue partying until the “wee hours”. This could be for example a savoury goulash soup or an exquisite cheese buffet. Tell us what you like, we are here to advise you.