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Healty massages

  • Spine therapy according to Dorn & Breuß dorn-breuss Almost all people have one or more vertebrae not quite in their ideal position which causes an energy blockage. Such an energy blockage can lead to headaches, insomnia, stomach aches and similar problems. Given that every single vertebra is connected to certain organs via the nervous system, an incorrect position of the vertebrae causes not only local pains, but can also induce a malfunctioning or disturbance of the connected organ. details of the treatment
  • Dorn & Breuß Massage for children, 25 min. – 37 € wellness-kinder-massage It happens that also the vertebrae of children are moved from their correct position, for example during the birth process, after a fall or a wrong movement or ….
    These vertebrae never acquire their normal position again and can cause problems in the children’s posture, in the nutrition of some organs, in their tummy or head area; sometimes problems arise only at a later stage in their life. The problems, however, tend to worsen with age and are thus increasingly more difficult to treat.
    Therefore it is very important to check and correct the spine as soon as possible.