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Massages for children

  • Chocolate massage 25 min. 32 € schokoladenmassage-klein With this massage kids can enjoy chocolate without actually eating it. Nevertheless, endorphins are liberated just as when they eat the chocolate.
  • Gentle honey massage 25 min. 32 € honig-massage-klein The honey oil used is enriched with high quality virgin oils like the oil of apricot kernels, almonds, jojoba and avocado. These oils nourish the skin and are particularly well suited for children.
  • Classic stone massage 25 min. 32 € stein-massage-klein Thanks to the use of hot volcanic stones this massage is a special and relaxing experience for the little ones.
  • Dorn & Breuß Massage for children, 25 min. – 37 € wellness-kinder-massage It happens that also the vertebrae of children are moved from their correct position, for example during the birth process, after a fall or a wrong movement or ….
    These vertebrae never acquire their normal position again and can cause problems in the children’s posture, in the nutrition of some organs, in their tummy or head area; sometimes problems arise only at a later stage in their life. The problems, however, tend to worsen with age and are thus increasingly more difficult to treat.
    Therefore it is very important to check and correct the spine as soon as possible.