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NEW: Our professional masseuse has completed another specialization course!

Spine therapy according to Dorn
Almost all people have one or more vertebrae not quite in their ideal position which causes an energy blockage. Such an energy blockage can lead to headaches, insomnia, stomach aches and similar problems. Given that every single vertebra is connected to certain organs via the nervous system, an incorrect position of the vertebrae causes not only local pains, but can also induce a malfunctioning or disturbance of the connected organ. In the therapy of Dorn, movements and gentle pressure try to realign the vertebrae. You will feel the beneficial effects and the changes in your body immediately.

Massage of the spinal column according to Breuß
This is an energetic massage of the back, along the spinal column, with a special regard to the meridians, using Hypericum oil which is covered with a sheet of paper in the end. Aim of this massage is to stretch the spinal column, thus creating more space for the intervertebral discs and stimulating their regeneration. The Hypericum oil also has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Dorn und Breuß Behandlung Dauer: 55 Min. - Preis 65 €
Dorn und Breuß Behandlung mit intensiver Rückenmassage zur Lockerung der Rückenmuskulatur: 80 Min. - Preis 90 €

The art of touch

Massages are as old as mankind and are performed in every culture in different ways. A gentle or energetic touch can de-contract muscles that are tense due to stress, it can rebalance your soul, strengthen inner organs and gently stimulate your metabolism.
The Romantik Hotel Stafler offers you the joys of a massage of the highest standard! Let yourself be transported into a magical atmosphere of heavenly relax with dimmed lights and appealing, soft music. The hassle of everyday life moves far far away during our massages, so you can fully replenish your energies


Massages for your individual needs
Among our wide range of massage types and wellness treatments you will surely find what suits your very personal needs. Be it an exotic hot stone massage, a classic total body massage or a luxurious anti-stress massage with aromatic oils - all your senses will be tickled at the same time and both body and soul will breathe freely again!
And we have also thought of the wellbeing of the little ones in the family! The Romantik Hotel Stafler has created special offers like the chocolate massage or the gentle honey massage. The only thing that you still have to do is book your holiday, travel to our hotel and then – simply let go!