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Val Racines valley path

The Val Racines valley path starts at Stanghe, the main village of the community of Racines where the Val Racines separates from the Val Ridanna. The first section, via Pratone to the Val di Giovo, is the only one with considerable ascents – up from 975 m until 1,170 m asl. Afterwards the path proceeds comfortably along the creek until Colle in the Val Racines. But we decide to walk an alternative route from Stanghe to the Val di Giovo, the path through the Gola di Stanghe (Gilfenklamm), an adventurous gorge at the entrance of the valley.

The promenade from Val di Giovo mostly is a wide forest road, always comfortable to walk. A path for everybody, also for families with pushchairs. Who walks like us up the Gilfenklamm is able to get onto the valley path at the Val di Giovo and walk further through the Val Racines. At Colle (1,290 m asl.) there are the starting points for all who want to do higher tours. But the valley path does not end at Colle, it still proceeds via Flading to the head of the valley (1,490 m asl.).

Please note: If you want to do this walking tour please take information about the current conditions on site!

Starting point: Stanghe (Racines)
Route: Stanghe - Pratone – Val di Giovo - Colle (alternative: Stanghe - Gilfenklamm – Val di Giovo - Colle)
Marker: Ratschinger Talweg
Distance: approx. 6.5 km
Walking time: about 2.5 hours
Altitude difference: 370 m
Altitude level: 975 to 1,290 m asl.