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Family Stafler

The Romantik Hotel Stafler is a real south tyrolean family business. Since more than 200 years he is in possession of the family Stafler, that even today leads him. The erstwhile manor Stafler is characterized therefore exactly through those particularities, that only a Hotel in family possession can have: a cordiality, that is sincere, the own flavour of the home team, that traverse the whole Romantic Hotel, the devoted love, with each detail is arranged and each plantlet drawn up, this make the " Stafler " a unique experience
Above all: All in the family helps and are always there for the guests. Therewith each holiday moment for sure succeeds.

Gertrud Stafler: The Soul in the Stafler

Gertrud Stafler is the driving spirit in the Romantic Hotel Stafler. She is since 1972  – first at the side of her deceased husband Hans, today at the side of her children - the soul of the enterprise and responsible for the restaurant, floor, flowers and everything else, what tastefully decisions requires. Only recently she arranged with a particularly culture sense the house museum „Kramer“ . Convince yourself: It is really lovely!
Angelika & Irene: the quality stiff at grips 

When it comes to women power, then the husbands of Angelika and Irene Stafler can sing you a song. The daughters of the house dandle family – Angelika has at least four kids, Irene two – and enterprise in accomplished balance. They have the quality stiff at grips: Angelika is responsible for reservations, events, meetings and marketing; Irene, passionate arabian horse breeder, is responsible for the E-Marketing.
Andreas Stafler: hereditary manor owner and  farmer with passion

The hereditary manor Nagelehof, our stately farm with 20 hectare green and the many good south tyrolean milk cows, is in the leadership and is administered by Andreas Stafler. The Neo-husband, married since June 2008, leads our own district heating plant, the energy and the whole technic. If you want watch at the milking or you want simply know, where all our fresh products from the kitchen are from, then attend him to the Nagelehof!