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Folklore museum Velturno

At the edge of the charming village of Velturno in Valle Isarco, there is the majestic castle complex of Velturno. These ancient walls harken back on a long and animated history. Constructed by Cardinal Christof Madrutz and bishop Johannes Spaur in Renaissance style between 1577 and 1587, Castel Velturno used to be summer residence of the arch-bishops of Bressanone until 1803. In 1978 the province of South Tyrol took over this cultural monument and had it restored for four entire centuries. Today it is administered by the South Tyrolean Antiquities and Monuments office.

Once the castle was known for its deer garden, the fish pond and the huge aviary for birds, today the complex itself is a sight on its own. Worth mentioning is above all the Katharina chapel on the ground floor and its altarpiece by Hans Schmid and, on the upper floor, the Renaissance panelling, carved portals, ovens, frescoes, secco paintings and inlayings such as the gilded waffle-slab ceilings, in the princely room which is one of the most significant cabinet makings of the Renaissance period in the southern German area. Open to the public are also an archaeological collection and a collection of South Tyrolean artworks of the period between the 15th and the 20 century.

In the so-called Schreiberhaus of the Castle, there is an interesting collection of farmers’ items and objects of everyday life for vine-growing and wood processing. Since 2008, there has also been the “Archeopark Feldthurns Tanzgasse”, a Calcolithic cult site located in the village. Its megalith facility is composed of stone circles, tumuli and ellipsoid structures. The facility is exposable and interesting archaeological walks are offered on a regular basis.

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