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Familiy Hotel and paradise of the children

“You will learn more from nature than from books.
The trees and the stones will teach you what no teacher can tell you.”
Bernhard de Clairvaux (1090-1153, abbot and mystic)

Happy childhood moments in the midst of nature

    The motto of our children’s programme for the summer at Stafler’s is “Get out of the house and into contact with nature”.
    Abandoning Nintendo & Co., the kids will explore their natural surroundings with all senses, learn to interact with nature in a playful way,
    find out where many of our foodstuffs really come from and gain insights into the life of plants and animals.
    These discoveries made in real life are fundamental experiences of inestimable value.
    The kids have fun and make new friends, too.
    In our idyllic, enormous park and on our farming estate there is really plenty of space
    for your offspring to romp about and to make exciting new experiences.

 entdecken-im-glas maedchen-mit-schmetterling kind-mit-hase
  • Face to face with the animals of our farm: The children have the possibility to feed the chicken, rabbits and pigs, they can ride on a donkey and they can even ride on a tractor!
  • Romping about in our park: At the open fire the children can tell adventure stories, grill their own sausages or simply listen to nature.
  • Nibbling vegetables from our dedicated kids’ patch: All children love gardening if they can tend their own vegetable or flower bed. They very quickly discover the pleasure of sowing the seeds, planting, watering and picking the vegetables.
  • Children discover their 5 senses: The kids will experience their surroundings with all their five senses – tasting nice food, listening to music, looking at a sunset, touching the soft fur of a cat, smelling the sweet fragrance of a rose.
  • Exploring the woods: Experiencing the wood in every sense – observing the wood attentively, listening to it, touching it, spotting animals, discovering plant life, understanding ecologic interaction.
  • Crafts with dried leaves and flowers: The little ones will use dried leaves and flowers to create decorations for windows and walls or make a photo album for their holiday pictures.
  • Educational and entertaining outings, accompanied by our trained children’s assistant: There are hikes along the “honey trail” of Freienfeld/Campo di Trens where children can taste honey right at the source, there are trips to the adventure park “Skytrek” in Vipiteno, a visit to the nature playground in Wiesen, a guided tour for kids at the mining museum of Ridnaun, an excursion to the canyon of the Gilfenklamm.
  • Fun & good times in our playroom with funny games.
  • Many more exciting surprises

All these entertaining and educational activities in the midst of nature are accompanied by our trained children’s assistant, thus guaranteeing an unforgettable family holiday.

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