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We have won another award! The “Grosse Restaurant & Hotel Guide 2013” has decided that...
our hotel 2013 is
the Romantik Hotel Stafler **** - Mules/Campo di Trens


Long before we won all the stars, toques, forks and knives awarded regularly by Michelin, Gault Millau, Veronelli, the “Große Restaurant- und Hotelguide”, the “Aral Schlemmeratlas”, the “Feinschmecker”, Espresso and Gambero Rosso since November 2001, we knew already that we were among the best gourmet restaurants in South Tyrol just by looking at our customers’ satisfied faces.

As you can see, the tendency to win awards is rising: According to the gourmet guides our gourmet chef Peter Girtler is truly capable of interpreting the culinary tastes of our region in a unique manner – with his extraordinary delicacies, an exceptional table culture and the finishing touch of the right lifestyle.

the first time was given the maximal rate
yearRestaurant GuideRating
 2016  Guide Michelin (I) 2 stars 
  Gault Millau (A) 3 toques( 17 ponits in the Einhornstube) 
  Gault Millau (A) 2 Hauben (15 points) 
  Schlemmeratlas (D) 4 cutlery (18 of 20 Points) 
  Der Große Guide (D) Chef de cuisine of the year - South Tyrol)
4 1/2 toques(19 of 20 points)
  Vivida (CH) 2 owls 
  Espresso (I) 16 points 
  Gambero Rosso (I) 2 Gabeln 
  Mayers Guide 2 Hähne 
 2014Michelin1 Star
 Gault Millau (A)
3 toques
(17 points in theEinhornstube)
2 toques
(15 points in theGasthofstube)
 Schlemmeratlas (D)
4 Bestecke (18 von 20 Punkten)
 Der Große Restaurant & Hotelguide (D)
4 toques
(19 points)
 Espresso (I)
1 toques with15,5 points 
 Vivida (CH)
2 owls
Restaurant of the month March/April 2011
 Gamberorosso (I)
2 Gabeln 
 Meyer's Guide
2 Hähne
Restaurant of the month 2012


Michelin 1 star

 Gault Millau (A)3 toques (17 points)
 Schlemmeratlas (D)4 Bestecke (18 points) 
 Der Große Restaurant und Hotelguide (D)3,5 toques, mit Tendenz zur 4. Haube
 Vivida (CH)2 Eulen - Restaurant des Monats März/April 2011
 Feinschmecker (D)2,5 F


Gambero Rosso (I)2 Gabel
 Espresso (I)16 Punkte 
 Mayers Guide2 Hähne, Restaurant of the month octber 2012
 2012Vivida (CH)  Restaurantof the month 
  Als Erster in Südtirol 5 toques in 2 Restaurants 


 Eröffnung der Gourmestube Einhorn1 Michelinstern
 Gault Millau2 toques (16 points)
 Schlemmeratlas3,5 cutlery (17 points) 
 Der Große Restaurant und Hotelguide3 toques
 Vivida2 owls- Restaurantof the month march/april
 Feinschmecker2,5 F


Gambero Rosso1 Gabel
 2009Michelin 1 star Michelin 
 2006Südtiroler KöcheverbandAusbilder des Jahres: Peter Girtler 
Ausbildungsbetrieb des Jahres: Romantik Hotel Stafler
 2004Besser Essen und ReisenAufsteiger des Jahres 
 2002TIP (Innsbruck)Genuss-Specht: 5stars