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Castel Tyrol

The inner bailey consists of the south palace with its chapel; the east palace; the walkway along the battlements; the refectory; the keep; the kitchen yard and the farm buildings. The visitor tour shows the national history of Tyrol from its beginnings to the heyday of the castle in the Middle Ages, systems of law and order, the castle’s decline and restoration, everyday life in the Middle Ages, contemporary history and a wing for special exhibitions.

The temple is dedicated to archaeological finds from the various areas excavated around Castle Tyrol. There is an evaluation of the Romanesque portals in the light of new mineralogical discoveries and the iconographical context as well as of the complex building phases of Castle Tyrol. The crypt, perhaps formerly the burial place of the Tyrolean ruling princes, is accessible from the temple.

Silver relic box in a marble sarcophagus
Marble reliquary with silver pyx (5-6th century). In 1994, in a church on the outer bailey dating from the 7-8th century, a chamber containing a small marble sarcophagus was discovered containing a silver reliquary pyx bearing a fire-gilded cross and three small reliquary bags wrapped in paper-thin gauze.

Society in the Middle Ages. The Tyrolean ruling princes and the four orders of society are represented: clergy, nobility, town dwellers and the rural population. Visitors learn of the social structures of medieval society through its general characteristics, important historical background information, social mobility, conceptions of the afterlife as well as questions regarding groups on the fringes of society and economic crises, for example those caused by natural catastrophes.

Helmet from the Seusenhofer workshop. Innsbruck, 1510, iron, traces of gold. The closed form with its folding visor is typical of the jousting helmets used at the beginning of the 16th century. Its elegance and fine etching show that it originates from an exceptional workshop, that of Konrad Seusenhofer, the court armourer to Maximilian I, in Innsbruck.

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