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Boasting a number of some 100,000 inhabitants and located almost in the centre of the region, the provincial chief city is located between 232 and 1,616 m asl. In fact, already millenniums ago the valley basin of Bolzano has been settled, the first settlement in this area was called “Bauzaunum”, probably named after the first settler “Bauzus”. In the 12th and 13th century people started building the city, the Mediaeval town that developed remained unchanged up to the 19th century. This was when Bolzano started becoming a tourism stronghold. Above all the quarter of Gries was famous on a worldwide scale as climatic spa.

Today Bolzano comprises five quarters, as well as the little mountain village of Colle di Villa. Particularly worth seeing is the historic town with its arcades. Moreover Bolzano is famous for its varied cultural attractions, such as the Iceman in the provincial Archaeological Museum or the specialized fairs regarding various topics taking place in the Bolzano fair centre. A total of seven museums as well as four castles and mansions can be experienced in the chief city. In the arcades, however, still today you can enjoy authentic the atmosphere of the “little large” city.

Thanks to its double perspective, Bolzano is able to mesmerize tourists who come from all over. Its two lifestyles, one Northern European and the other more Mediterranean, combine to make the perfect union, which can be clearly seen in the historic and artistic treasures of this city.
For centuries, Bolzano has been the privileged centre of commercial exchanges between Italy and Germany.
Today, the capital of Alto Adige has become a cosmopolitan city that knows how to be lively, cheerful, modern and yet refined all at the same time!

The presence of Central Europe and Mediterranean traditions is most evident in Alto Adige cuisine, as well as in delicacies from Bolzano.
Each season, dishes made with authentic flavours fill the air with their aromas. Do not miss an opportunity to experience the Törggelen (an ancient tradition). In autumn, the South Tyrolean farmhouses open their doors to guests to offer all sorts of treats typical of the season including: chestnuts, grape must, speck and new wine.

In Bolzano, the landscape offers just the right compromise between living space and greenery. The city offers numerous trails for those who wish to take a walk without getting to far away from the centre; at the same time, more expert excursionists can take advantage of one of the three cable cars available to take you to the plateaus that surround the capital. Here, nothing can beat nature!


What better way to appreciate the culture than by checking out some of the numerous events that Bolzano puts together? Just think of all the Christmas markets, the flower festival in spring, Bolzano in the summertime, the South Tyrol Jazz Festival of Alto Adige and so many other events.
Also, don’t miss out on the guided tours through the “Luoghi dell’Amore”, or Love Spots, and there is the “Family Festival” where children can participate in activities, too.