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Adventure Kränzlhof

The desire to create something static, something that would outlast us was the beginning of the garden. A happy place for my family and me but also for those who like wondering and exploring themselves and off course the greens and the art.

Project & Idea
The first thoughts of development within the wine estate arose in 1998, accompanied by exploratory discussions with friends and potential partners.
The idea for the maze evolved by the look of the natural constellation of the estate. It was the wish to improve the quality of life within the family and to endow a piece of ancient culture for visitors.

Fundamental idea
The garden itself is a piece of art which develops constantly. It is full of growth, change and transformation. Assuming the biological nature, we are able to control the plants and their thriving. If we take care of the garden it will give us its significant colours and beauty in return.
The place provides an atmosphere that can give a certain sensitiveness and appreciation towards nature. The visitor is not confronted with a concrete idea, he is not led onto a path of understanding but the garden gives the opportunity to develop impulses and ideas of any kind. Forget your daily routine, dive into the sea of thoughts, open up, learn to fly, do as you wish
The target group for the labyrinth garden are people with interests in nature, culture, art and wine. But also families with children who are looking for thoughtful recreation and relief enjoy the garden to every extent.
The visitors with an esoteric understanding are welcome to explore and interpret the hidden astral symbolism.
The search of oneself, described by Gernot Candolini is an ideal challenge of the labyrinth garden.

History & Origins
After the idea came up in 1998 that the wine estate could flourish if it were developed and after years of intense consideration, the uprooting of the orchard began in 2003. Gernot Candolini then built the frame of the maze in the following spring. After the first vines were planted, the heart of the garden began to pound. This was the beginning of what is now growing and extending each and every year to a complex living structure.
More interference followed: the theatre, the big stair levels, the water elements and much more forms an entire organism. This also includes the estate itself but off course the people who live on it and those who work on it play an important role.