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In these treatments it is the vapour that boosts the absorption of the natural active ingredients.

Pack 25 Min. – 37 €
Pack with a partial massage of your choice 50 Min. – 59 €
  • Apricot-rose pack „Romantica“ rose_romantica_paket This special pack with rose and apricot extracts tones and smoothens tissues. The skin receives new nutrients and appears more vital. One of the best tips to improve your appearance.
  • Traditional South Tyrolean hay pack heupackung-farbe Thanks to the abundance of herbs and flowers in our mountain meadows this traditional pack is very good for your blood circulation, it relaxes tissues and muscles. It is a natural antidote to pains in the muscles and joints.
  • Pack for sportsmen arnikaklein This is a pack based on arnica and spruce extracts which are beneficial after doing sports since they relax tired muscles and give new vitality and freshness.
  • Special pack for tired backs rosmarin-klein This pack is ideal if your back has been strained too much: The active ingredients of the rosemary and the mud from mountain moors boost the blood circulation in your muscles which can then relax more easily. The hypericum oil also helps to alleviate muscular or neuralgic pains.
  • Moisturizing pack apfel-klein This pack with the oils of enotera, the seeds of blackcurrant and apples is ideal for dry and rough skin. It provides the skin with moisture and precious nutrients.