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Classic Massages

  • Classic total body massage 50 Min. - 52 € Classic partial massage of your choice 25 Min. - 32 € relax-klein The classic massage technique alleviates muscular tensions, strengthens, revitalizes, favours blood circulation and helps you relax.
  • Total body massage with lymphatic stimulation 50 Min. - 52 € Partial massage with lymphatic stimulation 25 Min. - 32 € ruecken-klein[2] The lymphatic drainage induces the lymphatic vessels to eliminate excess liquid from body tissues. Therefore it is very effective in the case of water retention or swollen extremities.
  • Foot reflexology massage 25 Min. - 32 € stafler-wellnesshotel-suedtirol The foot reflexology massage is a holistic method where certain reflex zones in the foot are stimulated through a special pressure technique. The method is based on the assumption that energy circulates between body organs. If this energy flow is blocked, it has a negative effect on the corresponding organ. The pressure applied on the corresponding reflex zone in the foot on the other hand has a positive influence on these organs or body parts.