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The "Kerscher" farm


This farm is entirely run by Irene Stafler and her husband Gabriele, their children Lara and Luca always trailing in their wake.
There are numerous different animals on the Kerscherhof ... not least the fabulous thoroughbreds of the stud farm “La Frontera”!

It is since 1997 that Irene Stafler and Gabriele Manca have been breeding pure Egyptian and Spanish-Egyptian Arab thoroughbreds (Goldencross).

The mares belonging principally to the Spanish-Egyptian lines (Goldencross) are the trump of this stud farm since they descend from the world-famous Estopa-Shaker el Masri lines.
Irene Stafler and Gabriele Manca are always very happy to give you a tour of “La Frontera” and its stud farm.

But apart from breeding thoroughbreds Irene and Gabriele also breed sheep. The brown- black mountain sheep - also called Jura sheep - is bred for its meat but being highly fertile it is also ideal for breeding. Altogether there are 40 ewes, 2 rams and 20 little lambs.

Then there are the goats of the breed Saanen which are well-known for their milk but at the moment this milk is mainly reserved for their little kids.

But there is no proper farm without pigs: Many of the delicious fresh meat products and sausages of the Stafler come from our own pigs. The sows belong to the breed Schwaebisch Haellische and Angerer saddlebacks; the boar is a cross-breed with a Pietrin which results in an even better meat.

Apart from breeding various animals, Irene and Gabriele also keep some chicken (fresh eggs for breakfast!) and other poultry, a few rabbits, a donkey called Henriette and two dogs that keep an eye on the sheep; of course there are also cats to keep the mice at bay.

Finally, 25 hectares of woodland complete the Kerscherhof.

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