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Farm products

from the Kerscherhof & Nagelehof

speck-3-webspeck-2Smoked and dried sausages “Kaminwurzen”
(beef/pork, goatmeat/pork)
These sausages are smoked for a few days over juniper and larch wood and then hung up in the cellar.

bacon – air-dried
After a few days of marinating in a special meat tub with different, mostly local herbs the bacon is hung up in the cellar until it is mature..

bacon – smoked

bacon – sliced

bacon – whole piece

Our bacon is smoked in the farm’s smoking room for 2-3 weeks over juniper and larch wood; then it is hung up in the special cellar to complete its maturation process.

osternFarm eggs
The eggs come from our different types of chicken who can roam around freely outdoors. Since they are fed with a variety of different cereals, the eggs have an especially intensive flavour.

from Peter Girtler’s gourmet kitchen

strawberry/ginger, apricot/vanilla, cranberries, blueberries, aromatic apple

Our jams are produced with selected mature fruits from our garden or from the immediate surroundings.
They are slowly and lovingly cooked with as little sugar as possible and then sold in our own little shop.

sirup-1Mint-lemon syrup/ elder syrup
Our home-made syrups make for a cool, refreshing beverage in summer; they are totally natural like in the traditional recipe..

kraeutersalz1 Herbal salts
Our home-made herbal salts are also used by chef Peter Girtler in his gourmet kitchen. In these salts you find the best herbs from our own herb garden which is always lovingly tended. The taste of freshness and naturalness transfers itself to every bite you taste.

Apple strudel as a whole (upon previous order)
Our apple strudel is a real specialty of the house.
Made from mature South Tyrolean apples, it is best tasted with a home-made vanilla sauce and accompanied by a frothy latte.

pralinenHome-made chocolates in a gourmet packaging
This is the perfect souvenir for every sweet tooth and gourmet.
This small but delicious selection made by Peter Girtler will make your evenings special: you will simply melt away