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Peter Girtler

peter-profilOur Peter, born in 1972, is actually a fairly typical South Tyrolean: married, two kids, good sense of humour, excellent skier. But there is something really special about him: his taste and his craftsmanship when he has to transform his ideas into culinary wonders.

Of course he was helped by the many experiences he gained in renowned hotels: For example, the Vital Hotel Royal Seefeld, the Alpenkoenig Hotel Seefeld, the Hotel Castel in Dorf Tirol, the Parkhotel Laurin Bolzano or with the master of all gourmet chefs, Heinz Winkler, in the Residenz Heinz Winkler in Aschau.

Peter Girtler’s talent was noticed already when he did the final exam of his formal training. A few years later, in 2004, the guide “Besser Essen und Reisen” nominated him “upcoming chef of the year” and in 2006 he was nominated “best cooking trainer of the year”.

The real proof for his exceptional taste are the stars and toques he has been awarded in the meantime. The Michelin Guide has awarded him this year with 1 star, the Grosse Restaurant- und Hotelguide 4 toques, the Aral Schlemmeratlas with 4 knives and forks. The Gault-Millau has attributed 3 toques and 17 points to the Gourmetstube Einhorn as well as 2 toques and 15 points to the Gasthofstube – a total of 5 toques for the two restaurants.

And still ...
when asked what the best prize for him is, he simply answers:

“the satisfied expressions of my guests”.

Awards won by Peter Girtler

  • 2 Michelin stars
  • 5 toques of the guide „Gault Millau“
  • 4 knives and forks of the “Aral Schlemmeratlas”
  • “Upcoming chef of the year 2004 in „Besser Essen und Reisen“
  •  “Best cooking trainer of the year 2006” in South Tyrol
    „Among all the creative chefs, the one who best advocates an all-comprising cuisine” wrote the Gault-Millau in 2009.